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Scrapmd - the Markdown formatted Webpage Scrapbook

I’ve published initial version of Scrapmd, an app that clips webpage content into iCloud Drive with Markdown formatted article body and embedded images.

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CI2Go for macOS

I’ve published CI2Go the CircleCI client for macOS by porting existing iOS app using Mac Catalyst.

Both iOS and macOS versions are available on App Store in same URL.

Product website: ci2go.app

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CI2Go Today widget support

I’ve just released version 2.1.0 of CI2Go, the CircleCI client for iPhone and iPad.

v2.1.0 contains the following:

  • Today widget
  • SSH connect
  • Delete local artifacts
  • Open application by URL

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CI2Go version 2

I’ve just released major updated version 2.0.0 of CI2Go, the CircleCI client for iPhone and iPad.

V2 contains the following updates.

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Announcing CI2Go v1.3.0

I’ve released v1.3.0 of CI2Go the @circleci client for iOS.

CI2Go on the App Store

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Real-time Log Support w/CI2Go the @circleci Client for iOS

I’ve released new version of CI2Go, the @circleci client for iOS that supports real-time log watching.

CI2Go on the App Store

In order to support real-time log watching, I dropped the API Refresh Interval feature from this version.

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Generate NSColor / UIColor based on Swift String

I’ve published a Swift library ColorHash, that generates UIColor and NSColor based on given string.


import ColorHash

let str = "こんにちは、世界"
let saturation = CGFloat(0.30)
let lightness = CGFloat(0.70)

ColorHash(str, [saturation], [lightness]).color

This is a Swift port of a JavaScript library Color Hash.

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Copy UIColor / NSColor initializer code from Sketch app

I’ve published Copy Swift Code, a Sketch app plugin for generating UIColor and NSColor initializer Swift code from fill color of selected layers.


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Announcing @circleci client for Apple Watch ⌚️

Version 1.1.0 of CI2Go, the CircleCI client for iOS is now available on the AppStore.

CI2Go on the App Store

This update includes WatchKit Extension.

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CI2Go v1.0.0 the @circleci Client for iPhone & iPad

I’ve released a CircleCI client for iPhone & iPad.

CI2Go on the App Store

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Apply UIAppearance immediately on the screen

I was looking for how to apply changes made with UIAppearance’s proxy method immediately.

I found a solution in a library UISS, that handles Stylesheets written with JSON format.

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iGist v1.2 - The Gist Client for iPhone, iPad

I just released new version of iGist - The Gist Client

I rebuilt the app for iOS 6, optimized for iPhone 5’s 4 inch screen and supported Share on Facebook.

This requires iOS 6 or later, supports both iPhone and iPad.