Scrapmd - the Markdown formatted Webpage Scrapbook


I’ve published initial version of Scrapmd, an app that clips webpage content into iCloud Drive with Markdown formatted article body and embedded images.


I have used to gather webpage URLs and its content on Social Bookmarking Service (Like or Hatena Bookmarks), Self-hosted Lobsteres, Slack channels and Evernote.

But I’ve thought those are not quite reliable (some of those shut down) so I started building File System based Web Clipping application.

How it worked

Originally, the app was available to clip any webpage all around the World Wide Web.

Clip from browser share menu, direct URL input or URL in users’ pasteboard.

App Store Rejection

First time I submitted the app, unfortunately, that was rejected due to the feature is conflicting legal property:

Guideline 5.2.3 - Legal - Intellectual Property

Your app allows users to save or download music, video, or other media content without authorization from the relevant third-party sources.

ref: App Store Review Guidelines 5.2.3


So I changed this app to check webpages containing custom attribute that indicates allow Scrapmd to clip their content.

<div data-scrapmd-ok="ok">

This was unintentional feature for usability but better than keep the app private for me.

I will opt-in allowing full functionality PERSONALLY.

Full Open Sourced

The app and its backend API source code are hosted publicly on GitHub.

You can fork and build this app and use full feature personally like me.

Feature proposals or pull requests are welcomed, fell free to send some.

Happy Scrapping 🍢

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