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Coveralls plugin for fastlane


I’ve just published a fastlane plugin that sends Xcode code coverage to Coveralls and its depending library xccoveralls that also works as standalone command line tool.

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Twitter Bootstrap theme for RDoc


I created a RDoc Generator with Bootstrap forked from Hanna Nouveau.


Hanna Bootstrap is available from RubyGems.

gem install hanna-bootstrap

Or git-clone from the repo if you would.

git clone git://github.com/ngs/hanna-bootstrap.git

The templates of this generator are written in HAML, SASS, CoffeeScript.

You can customize your favorite Bootstrap based theme easily. Enjoy!

Using blink(1) as RSpec formatter

I created Ruby library for blink(1) that wraps official blink1-lib C interface.

This video shows runnning RSpec using blink(1) as formatter, shows current status with LED color.

Both are available on RubyGems

gem install rb-blink1
gem install blink1-formatter

GitHub: rb-blink1, blink1-formatter

Open Graph protocol tag helper for nanoc

I’ve created Open Graph protocol tag helper for nanoc to build my corporate site.

To use this helper:

  1. Download Ruby code
  2. Place it to lib/nanoc/helpers/ on your nanoc project.
  3. Add require 'nanoc/helpers/og_tags' to lib/default.rb.
  4. Now you can use og_tag helper in your templates. For more details see the spec or trace my haml template.