Wiplock - Protect main branch from in-progress branches


I released Wiplock that protects main branch from pull requests that contains WIP in the title or incompleted tasks.


Wiplock is an OSS built with Go and React + Redux. Please take a look if you’re interested in.


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Testing Email Delivery in Nightwatch.js End to End test


I’ve published an example Nightwatch.js End to End (E2E) testing project that contains Email delivery testing using Mandrill and RequestBin.

ngs/nightwatch-mail-example on GitHub

This example project tests subscribing and unsubscribing Hacker News Letter user flow.

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Hyperterm Tomorrow Themes

I’ve published Hyperterm themes based on Tomorrow Themes.

How to install

npm search hyperterm-tomorrow
$EDITOR ~/.hyperterm.js

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PGP encrypted messages for Keybase users in our chat rooms

I’ve released hubot-keybase, a Hubot script to encrypt messages for Keybase users.

ref: ngs/hubot-keybase on GitHub

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Announcing CI2Go v1.3.0

I’ve released v1.3.0 of CI2Go the @circleci client for iOS.

CI2Go on the App Store

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Deploy Swift WebApps on Amazon EC2 Container Services (ECS)


Developing Web applications with Swift is pretty fun metal

We can run them on Amazon EC2 Container Services and I tried to build light-weight Docker image to deploy more faster.

Here is an example project I made, check this out point_down

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Real-time Log Support w/CI2Go the @circleci Client for iOS

I’ve released new version of CI2Go, the @circleci client for iOS that supports real-time log watching.

CI2Go on the App Store

In order to support real-time log watching, I dropped the API Refresh Interval feature from this version.

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Generate NSColor / UIColor based on Swift String

I’ve published a Swift library ColorHash, that generates UIColor and NSColor based on given string.


import ColorHash
let str = "こんにちは、世界"
let saturation = CGFloat(0.30)
let lightness = CGFloat(0.70)
ColorHash(str, [saturation], [lightness]).color

This is a Swift port of a JavaScript library Color Hash.

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Copy UIColor / NSColor initializer code from Sketch app

I’ve published Copy Swift Code, a Sketch app plugin for generating UIColor and NSColor initializer Swift code from fill color of selected layers.


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Announcing @circleci client for Apple Watch watch

Version 1.1.0 of CI2Go, the CircleCI client for iOS is now available on the AppStore.

CI2Go on the App Store

This update includes WatchKit Extension.

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