Scrapmd - the Markdown formatted Webpage Scrapbook

I’ve published initial version of Scrapmd, an app that clips webpage content into iCloud Drive with Markdown formatted article body and embedded images.

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CI2Go for macOS

I’ve published CI2Go the CircleCI client for macOS by porting existing iOS app using Mac Catalyst.

Both iOS and macOS versions are available on App Store in same URL.

Product website:

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Go Release Binary GitHub Action

I’ve published Go Release Binary Action on GitHub Marketplace.

Go Release Binary Action on GitHub Marketplace

This GitHub Action builds and uploads Go build artifacts as Release Artifacts automatically when Release was created on GitHub repository.

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Import AWS credentials.csv to 1Password using aws1pif

I’ve just open-sourced aws1pif, a command line tool that converts AWS credentials.csv to 1Password .1pif file format


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CI2Go Today widget support

I’ve just released version 2.1.0 of CI2Go, the CircleCI client for iPhone and iPad.

v2.1.0 contains the following:

  • Today widget
  • SSH connect
  • Delete local artifacts
  • Open application by URL

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Coveralls plugin for fastlane

I’ve just published a fastlane plugin that sends Xcode code coverage to Coveralls and its depending library xccoveralls that also works as standalone command line tool.

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CI2Go version 2

I’ve just released major updated version 2.0.0 of CI2Go, the CircleCI client for iPhone and iPad.

V2 contains the following updates.

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Wiplock - Protect main branch from in-progress branches


I released Wiplock that protects main branch from pull requests that contains WIP in the title or incompleted tasks.

Wiplock is an OSS built with Go and React + Redux. Please take a look if you’re interested in.

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Testing Email Delivery in Nightwatch.js End to End test


I’ve published an example Nightwatch.js End to End (E2E) testing project that contains Email delivery testing using Mandrill and RequestBin.

ngs/nightwatch-mail-example on GitHub

This example project tests subscribing and unsubscribing Hacker News Letter user flow.

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Hyperterm Tomorrow Themes

I’ve published Hyperterm themes based on Tomorrow Themes.

How to install

npm search hyperterm-tomorrow
$EDITOR ~/.hyperterm.js

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