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Testing Email Delivery in Nightwatch.js End to End test


I’ve published an example Nightwatch.js End to End (E2E) testing project that contains Email delivery testing using Mandrill and RequestBin.

ngs/nightwatch-mail-example on GitHub

This example project tests subscribing and unsubscribing Hacker News Letter user flow.

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TDD Hubot scripts with gulp+mocha

I created 3 Hubot scripts and published to npm, however I worried about that there are no unit tests with them.

So I configured them unit tests with gulp and mocha.

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Generating Objective-C Literals from JSON

The modern syntaxes for NSDictionary, NSArray, NSNumber are supported from Xcode 4.4. To use this easily for testing, I customized JSON#stringify method ported from JSON2.js.

With node.js, the script can convert JSON from STDIN.

$ node Dictionary.js < test.js
# with cURL
$ curl 'http://itunes.apple.com/search?term=Path&entity=software' | node Dictionary.js

Also in browser, this works with stripping lines under if(process) scope.

Dictionary.stringify({ a:1, b:"Hello", c:[1,2,3] }, null, "...