CI2Go version 2



I’ve just released major updated version 2.0.0 of CI2Go, the CircleCI client for iPhone and iPad.


V2 contains the following updates.

iPhone X Support


Started supporting iPhone X’s 5.8 inches screen.

Single Sign-on Support


Update authentication flow to use Single Sign-on instead of Copy and Pasting API Tokens from CircleCI.

This creates Personal API Token internally.

Build Artifacts Browser


Redesigned Build Artifacts Browser.

You can browse artifacts more quickly without waiting for downloading entire files.

This app starts downloading when you tried to view file and continues downloading in background.

Apple Watch Complications


Supported Apple Watch Complications.

You can add your build status in your watch face.

Due to watchOS API limitation, this does not update information realtime.

Performance improvement

In this version, I’ve redesigned entire implementation from scratch.

Behaves more swift instead of dealing with offline data.

Send me issues if you have any.

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