PGP encrypted messages for Keybase users in our chat rooms

I’ve released hubot-keybase, a Hubot script to encrypt messages for Keybase users.

ref: ngs/hubot-keybase on GitHub

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Announcing CI2Go v1.3.0

I’ve released v1.3.0 of CI2Go the @circleci client for iOS.

CI2Go on the App Store

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Deploy Swift WebApps on Amazon EC2 Container Services (ECS)


Developing Web applications with Swift is pretty fun 🤘

We can run them on Amazon EC2 Container Services and I tried to build light-weight Docker image to deploy more faster.

Here is an example project I made, check this out :point_down:

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Real-time Log Support w/CI2Go the @circleci Client for iOS

I’ve released new version of CI2Go, the @circleci client for iOS that supports real-time log watching.

CI2Go on the App Store

In order to support real-time log watching, I dropped the API Refresh Interval feature from this version.

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Generate NSColor / UIColor based on Swift String

I’ve published a Swift library ColorHash, that generates UIColor and NSColor based on given string.


import ColorHash

let str = "こんにちは、世界"
let saturation = CGFloat(0.30)
let lightness = CGFloat(0.70)

ColorHash(str, [saturation], [lightness]).color

This is a Swift port of a JavaScript library Color Hash.

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Copy UIColor / NSColor initializer code from Sketch app

I’ve published Copy Swift Code, a Sketch app plugin for generating UIColor and NSColor initializer Swift code from fill color of selected layers.


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Announcing @circleci client for Apple Watch ⌚️

Version 1.1.0 of CI2Go, the CircleCI client for iOS is now available on the AppStore.

CI2Go on the App Store

This update includes WatchKit Extension.

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CI2Go v1.0.0 the @circleci Client for iPhone & iPad

I’ve released a CircleCI client for iPhone & iPad.

CI2Go on the App Store

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Apply UIAppearance immediately on the screen

I was looking for how to apply changes made with UIAppearance’s proxy method immediately.

I found a solution in a library UISS, that handles Stylesheets written with JSON format.

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Pick assignee for JIRA issues with hubot-jira-lotto

I published a Hubot script to pick assignee for JIRA issues.


npm install --save hubot-jira-lotto

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