Fetch distributions and invalidate with hubot-cloudfront


I published a Hubot script to fetch Amazon CloudFront distribution list and invalidate objects.


npm install --save hubot-cloudfront

List Distributions

Lists distributions with ID, domain name, status, comment and number of invalidation batches (if exists).

me > hubot cloudfront list distributions
hubot > - 0: E2SO336F6AMQ08 --------------------
          domain: d1ood20dgya2ll.cloudfront.net
          status: InProgress
          comment: Distribution for static.liap.us

        - 1: E29XRZTZN1VOAV --------------------
          domain: d290rn73xc4vfg.cloudfront.net
          status: Deployed
          invalidation batches in progress: 10


me > hubot cf ls dist

Create invalidations

me > hubot cloudfront invalidate E2SO336F6AMQ08 /index.html /atom.xml /javascripts/*.js
hubot > Invalidation I14NJQR76VVQAT on distribution E29XRZTZN1VOAV created.
        It might take 10 to 15 minutes until all files are invalidated.

You can use either ID and 0-based index number (on the left of distribution ID) to specify distribution.

me > hubot cloudfront invalidate 0 /index.html /atom.xml /javascripts/*.js


me > hubot cf inv 0 /index.html /atom.xml /javascripts/*.js

After creating invalidations, Hubot checks every 1 minute and notifies if completed.

hubot > @ngs Invalidation I14NJQR76VVQAT on distribution E29XRZTZN1VOAV completed.

List invalidations

List distribution with ID or 0-based index number.

me > hubot cloudfront list invalidates E2SO336F6AMQ08
hubot > I14NJQR76VVQAT - InProgress
        I3MAZE9OBGZ05X - Completed


me > hubot cf ls inv 0
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