Universal Code support for middleman-google-analytics


As Google announced, Universal Analytics became out of beta.

This blog is using middleman-google-analytics to embed Google Analytics code, so I need to paste the snippet or modify the extension to use Universal Analytics.

The extension helped me a lot, so I started improve that and sent pull requests.

danielbayerlein/middleman-google-analytics#15: Universal code support

This update adds google_analytics_universal_tag to helper methods with existing google_analytics_tag.

<%= google_analytics_universal_tag %>

I also sent a pull request to add unit tests the project does not have yet. I enjoyed Cucumber coding <3

danielbayerlein/middleman-google-analytics#14: Added Cucumber tests

I hope that will merge happily, but if not, you can use the updates with referring my repos. (I do.)

gem 'middleman-google-analytics', :github => 'ngs/middleman-google-analytics'

Update 2014-04-17 05:40


The version was bumped to 0.1.0 and released to RubyGems.

gem 'middleman-google-analytics', '~> 0.1.0'
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