As Google announced, Universal Analytics became out of beta.

This blog is using middleman-google-analytics to embed Google Analytics code, so I need to paste the snippet or modify the extension to use Universal Analytics.

The extension helped me a lot, so I started improve that and sent pull requests.

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I released an OpenGraph Protocol helper extension for Middleman.

ngs/middleman-ogp on GitHub

In your Gemfile

gem 'middleman-ogp'

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jQuery Element Diff Plugin is a plugin to generate JavaScript code to arrange elements to be same.

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jQuery Selectorator Plugin is a plugin to generate unique selector from jQuery object.


Set options.ignore to ignore classes, ids, names:

$('element').getSelector({ ignore: { classes: ['ui-droppable'] } })

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I created a RDoc Generator with Bootstrap forked from Hanna Nouveau.

Hanna Bootstrap is available from RubyGems.

gem install hanna-bootstrap

Or git-clone from the repo if you would.

git clone git://github...

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blink1 RSpec Formatter from Atsushi Nagase on Vimeo.

I created Ruby library for blink(1) that wraps official blink1-lib C interface.

This video shows runnning RSpec using blink(1) as formatter, shows current status with LED color.

Both are available...

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Current HEAD of Evernote SDK for Mac OS X does not support async requests but the iOS SDK does.

So I ported modern Objective-C code (means non-thrift) from the iOS SDK.


This version enables note creation very easy.

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I’ve just released EverDesktop.

EverDesktop is a small Mac application for clipping files on your Desktop to Evernote, allows you to make tidy your Mac from status bar icon.

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I’ve created Open Graph protocol tag helper for nanoc to build my corporate site.

To use this helper:

  1. Download Ruby code
  2. Place it to lib/nanoc/helpers/ on your nanoc project.
  3. Add require 'nanoc/helpers/og_tags' to lib/default.rb.
  4. Now you can use...

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I just released new version of iGist - The Gist Client

I rebuilt the app for iOS 6, optimized for iPhone 5’s 4 inch screen and supported Share on Facebook.

This requires iOS 6 or later, supports both iPhone and iPad.

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